Entrees[+] Miso Soup or Salad and White Rice or Brown Rice
Chicken or Tofu $12.99     Beef, Prawns or Scallops $15.99

  • Samba        12.99

    Indonesian spices with shrimp paste 

  • Szechuan Peppercorn        12.99

    Onion, mushroom, and red pepper 

  • Mild Mango Sauce        12.99

    Fresh mango, jicama, and crispy vermicelli 

  • Thai Red Curry        12.99

    Tofu, red onion, shitake, and coconut 

  • Black Bean        12.99

    Red onion, mushroom and long beans 

  • Wok-Glazed Ginger        12.99

    Caramelized, red onion and shitake mushroom 

  • String Bean Garlic Sauce        12.99


  • Japanese Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce        12.99